Friday, May 25, 2007

Holding on Too Tight

Today Ben went with me to World Market to pick up a birthday gift for a friend. We found a couple of fun pairs of earrings, tried on some hats (took a couple of pics) and were ready to check out. After I paid the lady handed Ben the bag to carry to the car. He was so proud of his new "treasure." I carried Ben to the car and set him in the car seat. Then it was time to buckle the 5 point harness. So, I attempted to remove the "treasure" from Ben's tightly clasped hands. I will just say that that was not a popular decision and Ben let me know that very clearly (in a rather ear piercing way). So, I decided to go ahead and buckle the seat belt and allow the shopping bag to be tangled in between the straps of the belt. Well, as you can imagine this was very frustrating to my sweet little man. Although the treasure was still in his hand, it was totally useless. Until he chose to let go of the bag he'd be totally unable to access it.

Immediately the Lord showed me that this is exactly what I often do. I grasp my treasures so tightly and am scared that if I trust my Father and let go of them for an instant, then I will loose them forever. My perspective is blurred and I cannot see that God places more value on my true treasures than I do. And when I let go and allow Him to hold them for me then I will see them at their full potential. I love that about Him. I love how He cares for me. I love how he knows what I need so much more than I do. I love how he knows what I want even more than I do. And He is so willing to shower me with love and blessings and even with just Himself!

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