Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Soaking it in.

Last night marked the finale of Luke's first tball season. Therefore, we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate after the game. As PK and I sat at the table eating our pizza with Ben and little Lulu at our sides, watching our little man be the life of the party among his friends....Patrick smiled and asked, "did you ever think we'd be here." My response...."Babe, this is where I've dreamt of being my entire life!" Seriously, since I was probably Kate's age this is what my heart has longed to do. And now that I'm here it is so so different than I imagined. The responsibility is so much greater, and the love and the pull on my heart is far too great for words. And I find myself rushing through it and wishing this sweet time away. Get the laundry done. Pick up the toys. Cook a meal. Clean the kitchen. Clean the kids. Naptime. Bedtime. and on and on and on. So, I've decided to just soak it all in. Last night when my little 3 year old cuddle bug snuck out of his bed into mine...rather than hurry him back to bed as I normally do
...I rolled over and held him as tight as I could...because, I know that he won't be his precious lovable self sneaking into my bed for "cuddles" forever.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Easter Babies

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter is here.

I have loved sharing this Easter season with my boys. The wonder in their eyes and the concern in their hearts as we've discussed Palm Sunday and Good Friday and Easter has been such a joy. I have loved over hearing them recounting the events to one another as they lay in their beds trying to fall asleep. They love their Jesus and they are amazed at the price he paid for their lives. I have sensed such a tenderness in both of them as they soak in truth. I love telling Ben the story of Easter and watching his jaw drop and eyes pop as we find a stone rolled away and an empty tomb. The Easter bunny will come to our house on Sunday morning, and we will get dolled up for church and hunt for eggs, but the real message of Easter will be what makes our eyes pop and our jaws drop. Jesus is Alive!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

And baby makes 6!!!!!

So, we are having a baby. Kemp baby number 4 is coming this fall. We are thoroughly shocked. We are thoroughly delighted. My heart has been in so many different places over the past few days. And has finally settled on complete joy. The Lord has reminded me that although I am not always intentional, He is ALWAYS intentional. So, I am soaking it up. I love being pregnant. I love knowing that one that will completely change my life is growing within me. I love going through all of it with my husband. I love dreaming of who he or she will be. I love talking about the baby with my boys and love imagining little miss sunshine as a big sister. I love that we get to do this one more time. I love it all! AAAAAAAAA (a shout of delight) I love it!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Katie Sunshine is 1!!

I have no words to express the utter of JOY of having a 1 year old. I cannot believe a whole year has passed from when we were delightfully surprised be the coming of our baby GIRL. Tears still feel my eyes as I think back to the screams that belted from my beloved friends mouths and filled all of BSA Hospital on February 15, 2008 when Patrick presented them with Ms. Katherine Elizabeth. What a perfect baby she has been from the moment she was born. I get chills thinking about her krinkle nosed smile, her passion for her dadadada, her brothers passion for "the lady", and really for absolutely anything "Kate." She is independent. She is playful. She is oh so happy. She is a total blessing from the Lord.

I could not resist having an all things heart dinner to celebrate our little Valentine's birthday. Everyone made their own heart shaped pizza, big kids decorated heart cookies, and for dessert we had strawberry heart cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. It was a very relaxed party with family and a couple of friends that we consider family including Kate's two best girlfriends Lucy (who is exactly one month older than Kate) and Madi-Claire (who is 5 months older than Kate). Fun fun.

Yay for warm(er) weather!!

When winter seems to linger waaay too long, we take joy in the warm days sprinkled into the mix to rekindle our hope of what is to come. Come on Spring time!