Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lord of the Harvest

Last week we got to get all dressed up for the Lord of the Harvest festival at church. My little munchkins loved it! And therefore so did I. Here are a few pre-party pics....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poor Mom

I have forgotten to post this for awhile, but it is very worth the wait. A couple of months ago, Luke asked if he could play with Legos after his nap. I told him "no, I'd rather you go outside to play." He was not at all happy about this decision. He went to his room and returned with this note written all on his own...."I don't like my mom???" I questioned. He smiled and said he needed to change it....he returned with an "I love my mom" picture. I laughed and laughed. No, my feelings were not hurt at all. I think I have probably thought that once or twice in my life too. :)

Eight Months!!!

I think she got tired of the bow???

OH my how time flies. My littlest love bug is such a big girl. How thankful we all are for her!