Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Soaking it in.

Last night marked the finale of Luke's first tball season. Therefore, we headed to Chuck-E-Cheese to celebrate after the game. As PK and I sat at the table eating our pizza with Ben and little Lulu at our sides, watching our little man be the life of the party among his friends....Patrick smiled and asked, "did you ever think we'd be here." My response...."Babe, this is where I've dreamt of being my entire life!" Seriously, since I was probably Kate's age this is what my heart has longed to do. And now that I'm here it is so so different than I imagined. The responsibility is so much greater, and the love and the pull on my heart is far too great for words. And I find myself rushing through it and wishing this sweet time away. Get the laundry done. Pick up the toys. Cook a meal. Clean the kitchen. Clean the kids. Naptime. Bedtime. and on and on and on. So, I've decided to just soak it all in. Last night when my little 3 year old cuddle bug snuck out of his bed into mine...rather than hurry him back to bed as I normally do
...I rolled over and held him as tight as I could...because, I know that he won't be his precious lovable self sneaking into my bed for "cuddles" forever.