Saturday, March 7, 2009

And baby makes 6!!!!!

So, we are having a baby. Kemp baby number 4 is coming this fall. We are thoroughly shocked. We are thoroughly delighted. My heart has been in so many different places over the past few days. And has finally settled on complete joy. The Lord has reminded me that although I am not always intentional, He is ALWAYS intentional. So, I am soaking it up. I love being pregnant. I love knowing that one that will completely change my life is growing within me. I love going through all of it with my husband. I love dreaming of who he or she will be. I love talking about the baby with my boys and love imagining little miss sunshine as a big sister. I love that we get to do this one more time. I love it all! AAAAAAAAA (a shout of delight) I love it!!!!!