Monday, May 21, 2007

The Boys!

Beyond loving the Lord. The greatest pleasure in my life comes from my boys. All three of them! My entire life I've dreamt of being a wife and mother...and here I am living in my dream. There are of course chaotic moments that I forget that this was my dream and wonder why I've chosen such an unglorified path. However, the Lord is always quick to remind me that this is exactly what I was created to do. And I really believe that. There is no greater fulfillment for me than to see my husband succeed at what he does and to fulfill the calling God has placed on his life and to see my boys growing already into the men that God created them to be. I love being a helpmate and hate that I can't do a perfect job all the time. I love being a mom and hate that I'm not perfect at that either. But I'll keep pressing on because the reward is so sweet!

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