Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wichita Falls

This week I took my first rode trip alone with 3 kids. Honestly, I was rather nervous about the voyage, and it ended up being a total success. Baby and boys all did great in the car...we did not have to stop once! Kate did have the fussiest day of her life....maybe a little tummy ache....and we have the picture with Dad-O to prove it. Granny loved meeting Katie-girl, and gave the boys some baseball piggy banks that she made in her ceramics class (how great my grandmother goes to ceramic class!!!). It was my dad's birthday so we got to celebrate at his house with some new toys from Gracie (a bubble machine for Ben and of course legos for my Lukie). Farmor joined the action packed party and met Kate for the first time. I do think that Kate's favorite past time of the trip was cuddling with Gracie. Although it was a great visit with the fam we are too happy to be back to our home and especially to our daddy!

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