Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh Yes, It is Official.

When I told Luke I wanted a picture, he picked this pose.

Soccer Moms!

Luke had his first soccer practice tonight. We totally made it into a family affair. He is on a team with a good friend, Parker. This may be terribly nerdy to confess before hundreds (or less :) ) of readers, but I have almost cried countless times as I've anticipated this day. Luke is absolutely adorable in his "soccer clothes" and did so great at practice. We were blessed with a super nice Christian guy as the coach. He gave a very official talk about how he is in this for fun and really just wants the kids to enjoy themselves and he is not a super soccer pro, but just likes the game and how we don't keep score.......he lost Patrick there. Mr. Competition will absolutely be keeping score. He was even sizing up the other teams tonight at practice. Today the boys and I were praying for the soccer team and for practice and he said, "and Mom, pray that we wiiiiiiiin!" We did. :)


ashley said...

He's so grown up!!!

...and Jamie walked in while I was looking at this and said you look like mom. =) cute bangs!!

Mom said...

Love love love that picture and that he chose the pose himself!!! Your hair is adorable as well, little missy! -Mere

The Penuels said...

cute soccer mom!! I am the same way...LOVE little soccer uniforms! He is a handsome one :)

sevans said...

So good to hear from you! Love all your pics and posts. Our Kates need to meet. :)

mark, vanessa & baby noah said...

HEY GIRL! So fun to hear from you. You look beautiful & your kids are just PRECIOUS! Thanks for the birthday wish. :)

That soccer pose is way too cute!