Monday, October 8, 2007

Ben is 2!!

My baby is 2. We had about a week long birthday celebration last week complete with a long visit from Gracie and a visit from Granny too! A party with friends capped off the celebration on Saturday and Ben was in total delight. Mom and I decided that Ben really loves all the old fashioned things about birthdays way more than anyone else we know....he'd have been happy solely with his cake, ice cream, and balloons. So so sweet. Patrick spent the entire day before the party adding on Ben's new tube slide to the boys fort....he did an amazing job and helped to make the backyard bash a raving success. This year we decided to keep the party simple and low was great. Always in the past we have worked hard to have busy and elaborate parties...and then at the party I hardly get a chance to say hello to anyone because I am too busy making sure that all the details come together. This party was so peaceful, easy and fun. I actually got to enjoy every moment. And honestly....I think the kids had more fun too. Ben loved it!!!!

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I'm in love!!