Saturday, September 1, 2007

Here's the Problem

I know. I know. Everyone is telling me that I've got to update my blog. The problem is this...BRAIN DRAIN (thanks Kristine for the term). Obviously my brain is draining straight to this tiny one growing inside of me and we can expect her (or him) to be a total genius. I have no thoughts worthy of blogging about. And the rest of the problem is that my camera was devoured by curdled milk that leaked from a sippy cup that went M.I.A. in the bottom of my purse for who knows how long and then proceeded to fill the bottom of my purse with the most terrifying smell ever. For several days I just thought I was smelling Ben's constant stinky diapers.....I'd go to change him and there was nothing. I could not figure it out. Needless to say that purse had to be thrown out and we no longer put sippy cups in my purse for transport. The camera is totally dead too. So sad. And I have no pictures to post for your viewing pleasure. So, there you are.....that is my reasoning for lack of any great blogs from the Kemp house.


Stephen Hunton said...

oh, the "brain drain"....funny stuff. gross about the milk in the purse though...yikes/barf.

khunton said...

ha! sorry about your purse - I don't carry purses anymore. Maybe one day...but for now, my purse is a diaper bag. Hope you and baby #3 are feeling well! xoxo

olivia and henry said...

megan, you are so funny! sorry about your purse :( worthy reason to go out and find you a new one! thank you for calling me!!! i am so sorry for not getting back with you yet! i will call you soon. i'm still laughing about our spanish party...that was so random and funny!!! love you and miss you!!!!!

the_wells said...

here's another problem.
i KEEP checking your blog HOPING to see more pics of your precious little boys.
when do you find out what you are having?
or did you already..?
lauren said it was SO much fun seeing you guys and we talked about what great looking boys you have! very blessed indeed.
love you - kt

olivia and henry said...

girl, i'm taggin' you again! check out my blog for details ;)

Anonymous said...

i miss the kemps! love, d