Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Bye to Henry

It is so hard for me to tell you that Henry is gone. We've remained so hopeful for the past several weeks, but little Henry's health has continued to decline. I guess it was last week that the Vet told us that it was only a matter of time until his body outgrew the function of his organs. We would know that this was happening if he began throwing up and having severe diarrhea. So, this past week we have prayed and prayed that we'd get to experience a miracle in Henry's health. However, yesterday we noticed that his bowel movements were not solid at all! He began to have mega problems everywhere (hope this is not too graphic) and today began to throw up his meals. He has not been himself for the past couple of days and would choose to lay on his bed rather than to play with us. He was beginning to suffer and we could not let him continue to deteriorate. Patrick just came home and took him to the Vet. We had Luke tell him goodbye before his nap and he cried and cried. He'd hold Henry and say it the sweetest voice ever, "Henry, I'm sorry you can't stay here with us." Our hearts broke. Luke and I had a long conversation on whether dogs go to people heaven or to a special dog heaven. His vote is on people heaven. He also thinks that Jesus should just fix Henry once he gets to heaven and send him back. I told him that I don't really think that is how things work, but it sure would be nice. We had a long talk about how sometimes bad things happen and they don't always turn out the way we'd like, but that is when we just ask God to comfort us and to make us stronger. Character is certainly being built at the Kemp house. I don't think Ben really gets it yet that Henry is gone. He'll miss playing with him the most. He loves him so much. mmmm. Anyway, just thought I'd update everyone since we'd posted earlier concerning sweet little Henry. Here are a couple of pics we took before Henry left. Isn't he cute?? By the way....I have just downed half a bag of chips and some that called emotional eating?? What a great way to deal with things. :)


ash said...

=( I'm so sorry.....but I'm so glad your boys have such a great mom.

the_wells said...

ohhhh...sad day!
so sorry for your sweet boys.
good thing there are other doggies out there who need good homes too.
and who knows..if it looks like henry - maybe ben will never know the difference?hmmmmmm - if its a girl - it could be henrieta.

Anonymous said...

meg, i am so sorry - but your boys are so sweet. what neat conversations - the kind that you would always picture having with your kids... it seems like just yesterday we were on the other side, asking our parents where the dogs and stuffed animals go?? love you, d