Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Today we loved celebrating the men we love most. The boys and I made a special breakfast for Patrick. Luke woke him up with a kiss and a call to come join us. After church Patrick's dad came over for burgers and homemade gelato...yum (let me know if you need a delicious recipe!) And then the fun began.....we filled up the boys pool and their amazingly fun daddy moved the little plastic fort over to serve as the water slide. Such a hit! We had hours of enjoyment in the backyard, all took long naps, more fun in the water, ate a quick dinner (courtesy of Patrick and the grill), and took a walk/bike ride to the park. As Luke was going to bed he told me that he wanted it to be Father's Day again tomorrow! And truthfully to him it will be. There is not a day that goes by that my boys do not celebrate their daddy. They adore him. He is amazing. He is so good at loving us and caring for us. Luke and Ben will one day have such an awesome view of their heavenly Father, because their earthly father is painting such an accurate picture. I've not seen a better dad than PK. I am so thankful for him and his giftedness at everything he does. He certainly deserves more honor than can fit into just one day. It was a great day. The only thing missing was getting to hang out with Dad-O (my dad)....we love you Dad-O!

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