Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ready or Not Here She Comes

Kate is everywhere! Everywhere. She has been scooching and rocking for a few weeks now, but really didn't go too far from where we set her down. However, we went on a girls trip to Breck last weekend and she decided that she could totally book it across the room to get her hands on my moms dogs. Kate is officially a dog person. Her crawling has become a point of frustration for the boys, because she wants to be and is in the big middle of whatever they are doing. I walked in yesterday to find her delighted to have her sticky hands in Luke's lego bucket.


ashley said...

Meggie, she's so big!!! ...and SOOO CUTE!! What a precious outfit! ....and I can't imagine Luke's frustration at her being in the legos!

ashley said...

oh....and i see the legos didn't stay sorted very long. =)