Monday, June 2, 2008

Not so fit.

On Saturday I was complaining to Patrick about my aching arms and aching abs. I boastfully told him that it must be that I'd run more behind the triple jogger than I ever have before and it must be really getting me in good shape. He agreed as any good husband would. After a moment or two of dwelling on the new muscles that must be ever growing in my arms and abs and thinking hopefully of the future when my entire body was cut and trim from pushing "the beast" around the block... it hit me. And in one instant I was totally let down. My arms and abs were not sore from any long grueling runs, but instead from a slip and slide competition that my friend Amy and I had on Friday. Are you kidding me?? I took 5 dives down a kids slip and slide and was having trouble lifting a 12 pound baby. So sad. Is this our lot as we age?? Hmmmmm. And I didn't even win. I'm gonna have to give the blue ribbon to Amy for the trip she took to the grass on the other side of the splash pool at the end of the slide. :) She had some serious speed.


ashley said...

It's okay. Aunt Smash comes home from Amarillo with sore arms from pushing swings. least you're doing better than I am!!

The Milfords: said...

Ha ha! I too was sore from the Slip-n-Slide. Glad to know I am not the only big kid to get back on that thing. I think it's a little more fun now that I am bigger. All that weight gets ya moving pretty fast!