Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Visit From Friends

Some of our very favorite friends were in town for Easter. Although it will never be enough, we loved getting to spend some time with them. Our friends the Merricks are friends that challenge us to draw closer to the heart of Christ. They exude life and love from every ounce of themselves they are just good to laugh with and easy to be with. Taylor is an amazing wife and mother and friend and has inspired me over and over and over again to do what I do with excellence and to love others deeply. Tyler challenges Patrick repeatedly to be the man that God created him to be. Their girls melt my heart. They have the sweetest little spirits and are total delights to be around. I have still not recovered from their move last August away from here and to the Dallas area, but soak up the time we spend together. Here are some pics of the girls......loving on Kate and bringing down the house (Harper must take after her Grammy and Uncle Teel).


Meredith said...

Hey Megs - your family is so precious. I LOVE the Easter photos. Abby has that same outfit with the pink dress and striped pants - it's my favorite!

Carlye Jo said...

Kates outfit is too cute!!