Monday, February 4, 2008

Where have I been?

Only half of the keys on my keyboard on my laptop are working. So, if I try to write an email or visit a website or post a blog my typing is absolutely impossible to distinguish. Very annoying. I now have a temporary keyboard hooked up to the laptop until we get the problem solved. Yeah.

So, lots is shaking in the lives of the Kemps. Patrick has resigned from the church and has started a Creative Firm/Ad Agency called ThreeLeaf. We have been blessed beyond measure in our new venture and know that we have seen the hand of God in each step. It has been a total step of faith, we are truly seeking to hear His voice and to follow as diligently as possible. It has been so fun to see God working in our marriage and our life as we pursue this together and I feel so much a part of Patrick's work....I like it.

Baby Kemp will be here very soon! My due date is the 26th, but I am desperately praying for the tiny one to surprise us early (today would be nice :)) You mommas all know how the last month of your pregnancy brings such great anticipation and excitement. I am boiling over.

Okay, hopefully some new pictures to come soon.


olivia and henry said...

it is SO great to hear an update from you!!! i can't believe you are so close to having your little baby!!! yay!!!!!! i hope you are feeling well. post pics soon!! love you. so excited about threeleef!!

Amanda and Hud said...

Hooray-I check all the time for a new post! I can't believe baby #3 is almost here. So crazy. Congrats to Patrick and this new adventure. I'm sure only great things await your family! Keep us updated :)

khunton said...

Yeah!! You're back! Can't believe you are due this month! So excited to hear about Patrick's new adventure! I know God will bless your faithfulness! xoxo