Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Precious Husband and My Birthday

Although I strongly protested, Patrick insisted on have some sort of celebration for my birthday. He decided on having a "Family Dinner." My whole life growing up we would have two parties....a friend party and a family dinner. At the family dinner my mom would cook all of our favorite foods and our cousins and grandparents would come over to celebrate. Patrick pulled out all the the house, grocery shopping, caring for the kids (while my sweet friend Jaime took me out for a pedicure), cooking dinner, ordering a cake, setting the table (cloth napkins and center piece included), and getting himself and the boys dressed up for the occasion. I returned from some shopping and pedicure to find every detail for the party in place, a calm husband, happy children and appitizers on the table. My brother and his girlfriend drove in for the celebration which was icing on the cake. As a nice conclusion to the evening we had a WII tennis extravaganza. I felt very adored!


khunton said...

So cute! Love the updated pics! Happy Birthday!

Administrator said...

Hi Patrick & Megan!! Its Allison "Lam" Penuel...someone told me about your blog :) Your family is good to see you guys. We have a blog it out if you have some time! Love, Allison

olivia and henry said...

happy birthday, megan!!!! miss you and love you! angie

Anonymous said...

I think I used to get to come to both! Again, so sorry I forgot your birthday but remembered Patricks. - Carlye Jo